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Architectural harmony inspired by the Red City

Discover O’Architecte, a renowned architectural firm based in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco. Specialized in the design and realization of varied and exceptional architectural projects. It combines traditional know-how and modern innovation to create unique, functional spaces.

Building on its local expertise and international reputation, O’Architecte is extending its horizons to Europe and the Middle East.

O’Architecte is committed to creating works that combine functionality and aesthetics, fusing spaces with nature and infusing cultural heritage into contemporary designs.

O’Architecte approach advocates seamless integration of architecture with its environment, creating spaces that evoke a sense of belonging and serenity, in perfect osmosis with their surroundings.

O'Architecte, l'agence d'Architecte Marrakech de renom

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Our services

From design to planning permission, right through to total site supervision, we take charge of every stage of your project. We select the contractors, take care of coordination, and even integrate the landscaping aspect.

O Architect Marrakech Architecture

Architectural Design

Tailor-made plans developed by our team, combining creativity and functionality to meet your specific needs and suit every budget.

O Architect Marrakech 3D Rendering

3D visualization

Realistic 3D renderings for total immersion in your project, allowing you to visualize it before completion.

O Architect Marrakech Administrative support

Administrative support

Complete management of all administrative aspects, from obtaining planning permission to drawing up the CPS (Cahier des Prescriptions Spéciales) and the price schedule.

O Architect Marrakech Site supervision

Site supervision & coordination

Expert coordination between project participants and rigorous construction supervision to guarantee quality and compliance with established standards.

O Architect Marrakech Interior design

Interior Design

Creation of aesthetic, trendy and functional interior spaces, harmonizing personal style and practicality.

O Architect Marrakech Architectural consultation

Architectural advice

O’Architecte offers comprehensive, customized architectural consulting services to meet the needs of all types of private and corporate customers.


What our customers say

Why O’Architecte Marrakech?

Unique, made-to-measure architectural projects

Architect Marrakech

At O’Architecte Marrakech, we understand the importance of finding a competent architect to bring your architectural ideas to life. That’s why our experienced team is there to support you at every stage of your project, from initial conception to final completion. We strive to create exceptional designs that reflect your vision while meeting the highest standards of quality and durability.

Whether you’re planning to build a private residence, a commercial space or any other architectural project, O’Architecte Marrakech is here to help you realize your vision. Our commitment to excellence and passion for innovation are reflected in every project we undertake, guaranteeing results that exceed your expectations.

Make the right choice for your architectural project in Marrakech. Trust O’Architecte to bring your boldest architectural dreams to life.

Architect Marrakech

Choosing O’Architecte as your architect in Marrakech guarantees much more than just architectural design.

Our team is committed to delivering customized solutions that transcend traditional expectations. With an innovative approach, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we turn your dreams into reality. Our recognized expertise and passion for architecture make us the ideal choice to bring your most ambitious projects to life.

At O’Architecte, we firmly believe in the importance of human contact at every stage of your project. Our dedicated team is here to listen, understand your needs and work closely with you to realize your vision. With O’Architecte Marrakech, you benefit from personalized, attentive and friendly service, making every interaction with our team as enjoyable as it is productive.

Architect Marrakech

Working with O’Architecte Marrakech usually follows a well-defined process with several steps:

  1. Initial consultation: Discuss your needs, budget and expectations for your architectural project with our team.
  2. Service proposal and cost estimate: Our architect will assess the scope of services required and provide you with a cost estimate tailored to your project.
  3. Initial design: Our team will create detailed plans and specifications based on your guidelines and requirements.
  4. Obtaining permits: We will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities for your project.
  5. Construction documents: Once the plans have been finalized, we’ll draw up comprehensive construction documents to guide contractors through the process.
  6. Construction management: If required, our architects can supervise construction to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.
  7. Project closure: At the end of the project, our team will carry out a final inspection to ensure compliance and provide you with all the necessary documentation.

Architect Marrakech

At O’Architecte Marrakech, we believe in a flexible and transparent approach to calculating our fees, always aligned with each customer’s unique needs and expectations. Based on a fee schedule recommended by the Ordre National des Architectes, we guarantee fair remuneration and total transparency in all our transactions.

Our base fee of just 5% of the value of the work, excluding taxes, reflects our commitment to quality and professionalism. This fair remuneration testifies to our expertise and dedication to providing tailor-made architectural solutions that perfectly meet the specific needs of each project.

In addition to our core services, we offer a range of complementary assignments to meet all our customers’ needs. From interior architecture to lighting design to landscaping, each complementary service comes with a separate fee, giving our customers the freedom to choose the options that best suit their projects and budget.

Our agency is committed to creating innovative, harmonious and functional architectural plans that ensure a global vision of the project. With competitive rates and unrivalled quality of service, O’Architecte is the ideal choice for those looking for a leading architectural practice in Marrakech.

Architect Marrakech

At O’Architecte, we firmly believe that technology plays an essential role in the creation of innovative and functional spaces. That’s why we continually invest in the latest software and equipment.

Our team is fully conversant with CAD software such as ARCHICAD, AUTOCAD and SKETCHUP, as well as 3D and BIM modeling. These tools enable us to design precise, detailed and visually appealing architectural projects, while taking into account your specific needs and constraints.

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Why choose O’ Architecte Marrakech for your architectural projects?

Marrakech, with its picturesque landscapes, rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere, is a city on the move. Numerous construction projects are carried out here, requiring a high level of architectural expertise. It’s in this context that our agency, O’ Architecte Marrakech, stands out as an essential reference for those seeking impeccable quality and innovative designs. Here’s why choosing our architectural firm in Marrakech is the best decision for your projects.

Expertise and experience

At O’ Architecte Marrakech, we rely on a team of experienced and passionate architects. With many years’ experience in the field, we’ve completed a multitude of projects, from private residences to commercial complexes. Our in-depth knowledge of local regulations and our ability to integrate Marrakech’s cultural and environmental specificities make us the partners of choice for the realization of your architectural dreams.

Creativity and Innovation

Our agency is renowned for its creative and innovative designs. We firmly believe that every project is unique and deserves a personalized approach. Our architects work closely with our customers to understand their needs and aspirations, then turn these ideas into reality. Whether you want a modern villa with traditional Moroccan touches or a state-of-the-art office building, we have the skills and imagination to bring your visions to life.

Sustainability and ecology

In a world where environmental issues are increasingly pressing, O’ Architecte Marrakech is committed to promoting sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices. We integrate ecological solutions into our designs, such as the use of recycled materials, energy efficiency and natural resource management. By choosing our architectural firm in Marrakech, you are choosing sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Understanding the local context

Marrakech is a multi-faceted city, where modernity rubs shoulders with tradition. Our architects have a deep understanding of this duality and know how to incorporate it into their designs. We respect traditional architectural codes while adding a contemporary touch, creating harmonious, aesthetically pleasing spaces. This unique understanding of the local context is a major asset that sets us apart from other agencies.

Personalized customer service

At O’ Architecte Marrakech, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in transparent communication and quality customer service. From the very first contact, we make sure we understand your needs and expectations. Our architects are available to answer any questions you may have and to support you throughout the construction process. This personalized approach ensures that every project is carried out under the best possible conditions.

Cutting-edge technology

To stay at the cutting edge of innovation, our Marrakech architectural office uses the latest design and modeling technologies. We use advanced software to create realistic 3D renderings, enabling our customers to visualize their projects before work even begins. This use of technology also facilitates collaboration and precision, ensuring results that meet expectations.

Reputation and references

O’ Architecte Marrakech’s reputation is built on customer satisfaction and the quality of our work. We are proud of the many positive testimonials we receive and the successful projects that testify to our expertise. By choosing our agency, you join a long list of satisfied customers who have put their trust in our skills to turn their dreams into reality.

Value added and investment

Investing in an architectural project with O’ Architecte Marrakech means choosing quality and durability. Our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, adding significant value to your property. Whether for a residential or commercial project, we ensure that every detail is designed to maximize efficiency and comfort, while increasing the value of your investment.

Flexibility and adaptability

The world of architecture is constantly evolving, and O’ Architecte Marrakech is an agency that knows how to adapt to new trends and requirements. We are flexible in our approach and open to new ideas, which enables us to respond effectively to the varied needs of our customers. This ability to adapt is essential for success in a dynamic environment like Marrakech.

Choosing O’ Architecte in Marrakech means opting for a team of passionate, creative and experienced architects. We are committed to providing high-quality services, integrating sustainable and innovative practices into every project. Our in-depth understanding of the local context, combined with our personalized customer service, makes us the ideal partner to realize your architectural dreams. Choose excellence and innovation with O’ Architecte Marrakech, your architectural agency in Marrakech.

In short, our commitment to quality, creativity, sustainability and customer service makes O’ Architecte Marrakech the architectural agency in Marrakech par excellence. Contact us today to discuss your plans and find out how we can help make them a reality.



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